Indoor Flowering Plants — 3 Reasons why They Make the perfect Gift

With such an array of beautiful indoor blooming plants it is amazing that so many of us are still choosing to buy a bunch of cut flowers.

The rose represents love and romance and the florists certainly execute a spectacular trade in the individual African rainforest during February. However, these day there are many small rose plants which can be bought and keep inside your home. These plants will often also flower twice a year and the flowers lasts some time.

The orchid is another sumptuous flower. Many of the rare orchids are hard to keep, and have left many people with the idea that orchids are hard to keep. In reality many orchids will enjoy a a watering once a week and plenty of roundabout sunlight. With probably the most meaningful flowers available as plants, why do so many of us still choose a bunch of cut flowers? Below are three reasons to replace and give a plant instead.

  1. A longer lasting gift — An indoor blooming house plant will certainly decorate a home for longer than any bunch of flowers. Produce your own . it will be a reminder of a lovely evening or event.
  2. Thinking green — The surroundings has been calling out for our attention, now is a great time to stop buying flowers draped in plastic and then paper, generating more household waste and the flowers ultimately finding yourself in the rubbish bin. Even if a plant is disapated the pot can be used again and again and hopefully the plant will grow and flourish.
  3. Educate you on children an important lesson — It can be very difficult to explain to children to respect their surroundings, and also the incredible importance of caring. House plants are a great way to accomplish that. They can observe how things grow and flourish and they’ll want to give a plant in preference to a flower which most children hate to see die.

Giving gifts of house plants is a great habit for children to start. My four year old rooted orange pips to grow and give to his friends when we moved from our last house. Most children have plenty of toys and books, so they really were very well received by the kids and their parents.

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